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We have experience at conducting energy justice assessments for projects both in the UK and internationally. Further information on individual projects is available upon request.

Rural Contexts

Electricity and heating systems are often self-contained and off-grid in rural areas with significant justice implications for communities and developers. We provide energy justice assessments for a range of project stakeholders to allow them to make better decisions within rural contexts. Our work to date in this area has focused on affordability and availability.

Developing World Contexts

In both urban and rural areas, our energy justice agenda in the developing world involves a customized approach to ensuring sustainability and inter-/intra-generational equity. Mobile decentralized micro energy generation solutions are integral to guaranteeing electricity and heating for communities devoid of a national grid. Our work currently focuses on helping to develop unconventional form of energy supply.

Urban Contexts

Ever increasing energy demand in cities present significant challenges for national grid electricity and heat providers, leading to changing supply and demand management strategies. Shifting consumer behaviours in urban contexts especially are resulting in the emergence of new injustices. Our work in this area has focused on ensuring due process in energy provider strategies and their infrastructural development.

Transportation and Mobility

Injustice does not respect local, city or national boundaries in an ever-mobile world. International travel is increasing exponentially in terms of both people and goods. Fossil fuels continue to dominate transportation fuels, to the detriment of inter-generational equity. We provide assessments on identifying more ‘just’ alternative transportation solutions.